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9. The Assembly has constantly insisted that science is of fundamental importance. Science has made possible considerable improvements in living and working conditions and is a rather significant factor in economic, technological and social development. The theory of evolution has nothing to do with divine revelation but is built on facts.


  • Science has made possible considerable improvements -- It's easy to agree with the first sentences, but in the last sentence the subject is suddenly changed and goes from operative science (such which can be experimented with here and now) over to origins and belief in evolution. The Council of Europe is here actually creating confusion intentionally (or lacks capability to discern the difference). After having in this way conjured up an impression of that the opponents are a bit retarded the Council of Europe is making an astounding religious claim: A patronizing comparison is made between divine revelation and belief in evolution (!), and the Council of Europe claims with presumptuousness that a groundless belief in evolution, i.e. without any support from evidence whatsoever, is "a fact". By mentioning things which exist now and which everyone agree on and which everyone can see with their own eyes, and then suddenly swap the subject, the Council of Europe is creating strained associations with the obvious intent to brand people with other views as idiots. With this kind of cheap feints confusion is created which makes the analysis of facts difficult for non-experts (that is, average people). The Council of Europe thus chose to use dirty tricks and false comparisons in order to conjure up distaste and feelings of discomfort against undesired opinions, and to put the pressure on in favor of certain views in religious and scientific matters, even using the weight of their own ignorant dictatorial political authority. The Council of Europe is with this resolution making a system out of using very dirty methods. (MM/RIL)
  • social development -- The resolution is full of false claims about how bad influence belief in creation has. The authors of the resolution seem to be very afraid, or they are simply trying to frighten others. First is given a false impression of that people with belief in creation is against all sorts of things, and then they follow up with slandering them and, through political manipulation, trying to prohibit their views from being presented in schools. (MM)
  • built on facts -- Again the Council of Europe is demonstrating its big ignorance. Knowledge about inbuilt biological variation mechanisms and destructive mutations is built on facts (however, variation isn't the same concept as development). However, the biggest part of the theory of evolution, the large scale evolution of basic kinds/families which is the most important seen from a religious atheistic view point, is based only on mere speculation. (MM/RIL)
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