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6. We are witnessing a growth of modes of thought which challenge established knowledge about nature, evolution, our origins and our place in the universe.


  • growth of modes of thought... our place in the universe. -- Belief in creation really isn't about any "growth of modes of thought". Instead it is such that in the ancient and established Judeo-Christian worldview humans had, already in the beginning of time, a very responsible and significant role in the universe. But there no basis of anything of the sort within the fast growing evolutionary atheistic mode of thought! The Christian mode of thought actually cannot grow any bigger, since it has always been the very biggest possible, namely that (according to the Bible) man already from the beginning was commanded to have dominion over the creation! (MM/RIL)
  • modes of thought… challenge established knowledge -- This comment shows the weak foundation for this resolution; The resolution is all about our origins, but it is very difficult to know anything with certainty about origins (already passed events are especially difficult to study with scientific methods!). But nevertheless, the assumed infallibility of historical knowledge is called "knowledge" as if it would be something natural. Believers in creation doesn't attack knowledge though, however many interpretations of knowledge are questioned. (MM)
  • our origins – All things dealing with our origins is religion, because the reason for our existence is the very foundation for religion – namely where we come from. But the only ones who cannot accept different interpretations of our origins seems to be the atheists, because if they do they can no longer be atheists. Christians, on the other hand, can have a bit different opinions, more or less well-founded, and can still remain being Christians. (M)