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19.2. strengthen the teaching of the foundations of science, its history, its epistemology [theory of knowledge] and its methods alongside the teaching of objective scientific knowledge;


  • ' the foundations of science, -- Unfortunately an "objective scientific knowledge" is often missing and this especially concerns the origin issues (which for example the Council of Europe shows especially clearly with this resolution). We can agree about that "objective" does not mean that atheistic naturalistic philosophy one-sidedly decides the norm for what may be considered "objective". (RIL)
  • its history -- We look forward at that the Council of Europe will at last strain itself in order to inform the young generation about the fact that most founders of the modern science, including Newton, Kepler, Pascal, LinnĂ© and others, were committed believers in creation. See for example the following lists with many well-known names. We therefore gladly would like to assist in bringing forth some earlier well-known facts which have been "forgotten" by a naturalistic scientific society which the last hundred years has devoted itself to systematically "forgetting" to mention many such facts in education materials.(RIL)
  • ... its epistemology [theory of knowledge] and its methods -- Unfortunately, the empirical methods of the natural sciences does not work well on events which has already happened (i.e. on history). And unfortunately just questions about origins happen to fall under the historical category (that which has been has already happened, and most of that cannot be repeated). But does the Council of Europe actually mean that also Christian creation believers, of which several are experts in just theory of knowledge, may help to teach everybody about scientific theory of knowledge? The theory of knowledge namely does not permit that one, as the Council of Europe does, make pretense of that large scale evolution is a fact! The idea about large scale evolution doesn't even meet the most fundamental scientific criteria.
    Fact is that many evolutionary biologists therefore recently have started to strive for a redefinition of the concept of science, since that's the only way in which the theory of evolution could ever meet scientific criteria. We therefore would gladly assist the Council of Europe with their deficiencies concerning the theory of knowledge, and we would gladly help with the changes needed in order to achieve that a more objective scientific knowledge is spread within Europe's educational system. (RIL)
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