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15. The teaching of all phenomena concerning evolution as a fundamental scientific theory is therefore crucial to the future of our societies and our democracies. For that reason it must occupy a central position in the curriculums, and especially in the science syllabuses, as long as, like any other theory, it is able to stand up to thorough scientific scrutiny. Evolution is present everywhere, from medical overprescription of antibiotics that encourages the emergence of resistant bacteria to agricultural overuse of pesticides that causes insect mutations on which pesticides no longer have any effect.


  • evolution is present everywhere - the Council of Europe doesn't seem to realize that they in this paragraph not even mention large scale evolution (new main kinds of animal), which is what evolution / creation controversy is all about. And large scale evolution has never been demonstrated and lacks significance entirely for the future of "our societies and democracies". The Council of Europe stubbornly and consistently repeats incorrect assertions, along with threat pictures against the society and the humanity. But that which the Council of Europe in reality describes, apart from its hate propaganda against opponents, is about biological variation mechanisms and mutations, which in the next generation actually decreases bacteria's genetic ability to change itself. (And it is of course not the reduction of variation which causes true large scale development of new groups of animals!).
  • resistant bacteria to agricultural overuse of pesticides -- This entire paragraph (ยง15) is an incredible perversion of the views held by believers in creation. The kind of changes in the biological processes described in this paragraph is part of operational reality yes, but this type of change have not been shown to be able to give any large scale evolution, like for example the emergence of entirely new main groups of plants- or animals (families, orders and more extensive groups within the classification). But the type of changes described in this paragraph isn't doubted by anyone with basic knowledge in biology.
    Not even the most aggressive of the more knowledgeable atheists has such an incorrect notion about our opinions as the Council of Europe here, with false and infantile assertions, ascribe to believers in creation! What are they trying to intimidate people to, with these statements? And, why not permit examination instead of trying to forbid it?!
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