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14. All leading representatives of the main monotheistic religions have adopted a much more moderate attitude. Pope Benedict XVI, for example, as his predecessor Pope John-Paul II, today praises the role of science in the evolution of humanity and recognises that the theory of evolution is “more than a hypothesis”.


  • leading representatives... bigger religions... moderate attitude. -- We wonder when scientific truths started to become determined through majority decisions? That is exaclty what is suggested in this case, even referring to religious authorities instead of presenting arguments. In this way the Council of Europe demonstrates to the whole world that for them the subject basically has more to do with religion and philosophy than with looking for truth about reality, scientific or not. (MM/RIL)
  • Pope Benedict - An intriguing Council of Europe is not even ashamed of trying to seek aid from religious conductors for their opinions (well, we always knew that evolution is about religion) - but at the same time they try to sneak in a conflict between these conductors and the believers in creation! However, papacy has claimed that humans were created, and neither will it be easy to find any prominent Muslim or Jewish conductor which would state that the theory of evolution is true (in the sense of development during millions of years from a first unicellular being). (MM)
  • evolution theory "more than a hypothesis" - This assertion fit well for this resolution, where it quite clearly appears that the theory of evolution actually has become a religious/philosophical thought, with fanatic followers, which at the expense of their own honor and decency refuses to let their faith be object to scrutiny, which is avoided using among other things political channels, to offend and conjure up against opponents. (MM/RIL)
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