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13. The war on the theory of evolution and on its proponents most often originates in forms of religious extremism closely linked to extreme right-wing political movements. The creationist movements possess real political power. The fact of the matter, and this has been exposed on several occasions, is that some advocates of strict creationism are out to replace democracy by theocracy.

[Draft - (aided machine translation)]

  • the war against the theory of evolution... extremism… right-wing power - here the Council of Europe strengthens "the threat" and abates to pure scaremongering propaganda. The plot grows dense and the dramaturgy has abated to a regular "war". After having started with emphasizing what the resolution is not ("not antagonistic, not opposing, not...) it has suddenly evolved into an open war against classical Christian beliefs, embraced by many hundred millions believers all over the world. Suddenly classic biblical Christian beliefs are called "religious extremism" and "extreme right-wing forces". The Council of Europe expresses itself threatening and openly demonstrates its intolerance. (RIL)
  • creationistic powers has real political power - The Council of Europe's imaginary powers can become dangerous to certain citizens. Fact is instead that the biblically faithful creationist's Lord (that is Jesus, not to be confused with the Council of Europe), said: " my Kingdom is not of this world ” (John_18: 36).
    Therefore a biblically faithful Christian does not seek political power. But believers in creation gladly influence society via democratic methods, and in so doing they also remind authorities to calm down and urge them to consider and suggest that they don't profane their position for abuse, even exclaiming threats and ignorant and ill-intentioned slander against their citizens, but instead that they would take good care of the worldly affairs they were appointed to. (RIL)
  • creationism... replace democracy with theocracy - Rather than applying for secular power the biblically faithful has through history often been accused for not opposing diverse tyrannical world powers, such as the Roman empire, including its slavery. But the Council of Europe does not put forth any facts or documentation whatsoever as a basis for their assertions. Moreover, the basic biblical outlook is scientific and it encourages abidance by the law under authorities which doesn't profane their position and offends and threatens its shrinking number of law obedient citizens. (RIL)
  • more about power - The truth about the theocratic "state" is that it's called "the kingdom of God" and about this kingdom the bible says that: "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you!"(Luke 17:21). And in this kingdom all will ultimately be responsible only before God. People with desire for power have always opposed this idea though, and now the Council of Europe's resolution seems to desire a "scientocracy" which looks more like an atheistic state. (MM)
  • Evolutionists with a special taste for power - Further, the truth is that dictatorships again and again has demonstrated its preferences for the evolution theory most of all. We are talking about the most extreme political extremities, for example extremes like the Nazis and also the outmost left, the communism, has demonstrated its interest in building totalitarian societies. In all the extreme cases the evolution theory have had a dominant place, and served as an intellectual apology, or excuse, for incredible atrocities and mass murders. (MM/RIL)
  • the Council of Europe's dread - All the problems which the Council of Europe seems to be afraid of disappears if they, instead for threats and harassments, are willing to encourage a democracy in which it is allowed to discuss various thoughts and views. But if not so once again dark clouds will gather over Europe if the Council of Europe through defaming and with false threatening pictures and other totalitarian methods, tries to quiet open debate and inflict groundless atheistic views in people within the field of science - and area in which the "truths” are changing all the time, but despite this it's influencing also many other areas. (MM/RIL)
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