Resolution 1580 (2007)/12/cmt/en

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12. Our modern world is based on a long history, of which the development of science and technology forms an important part. However, the scientific approach is still not well understood and this is liable to encourage the development of all manner of fundamentalism and extremism. The total rejection of science is definitely one of the most serious threats to human and civic rights.


  • total rejection of science -- We have seen this before; after longwinded insinuations about certain group's limited comprehension, a sudden alternation of tracks is made and now we learn that some people "totally rejects science". All this in spite of that the Council of Europe should be well informed about the fact that the subject is actually about questioning interpretations about our origins, i.e. how all things came into being, and not as this outright false claim maintains, about a total rejection of science. (MM/RIL)
  • not... understood... risks to encourage... fundamentalism and extremism -- All opinions which are not liked can now groundlessly be stamped as foolish or "dangerous" through classification as "non scientific". This is then the new "secret code" giving access to civil rights and opening the corridors of power only for those having the “correct" opinions. All who wants to have an open society should stand up and protest against a statement that this! (MM/RIL)
  • most serious threats against human and civil rights – To the contrary it is the Council of Europe which here openly proclaims a threatening statement, which shamelessly intends to smear and bait against one if its last law-abiding groups of citizens. And this is done openly at the same time as the suburbs, where the secular political care programmes long since has crashed, are ravaged by criminal gangs that carry out protectorate, and while the police avoid to drive into certain areas. We speak about an increasingly destructive youth culture, filled with existential anxiety and increasing street violence which seriously limits the rights and freedom of movement for irreproachable citizens. But with this kind of unparalleled hypocrisy and intentional smearing of others views by the Council of Europe, we already stand on the threshold to an entirely totalitarian society. (MM/RIL)