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11. Evolution is not simply a matter of the evolution of humans and of populations. Denying it could have serious consequences for the development of our societies. Advances in medical research, aiming at combating infectious diseases such as Aids, are impossible if every principle of evolution is denied. One cannot be fully aware of the risks involved in the significant decline in biodiversity and climate change if the mechanisms of evolution are not understood.


  • denies… serious consequences for the development - the Council of Europe seems to entirely lack knowledge about the subject at hand. No believer in creation with elementary knowledge denies the kinds of variation, also through degeneration of genes through mutations, which are mentioned here (variations and genetic degenerations which some call "development", or evolution, now a rubber-concept which covers almost anything, independently of what is observed). But, since this statement, and the whole resolution, is directed against believers in creation, an impression is created of that believers in creation has sectarian and deviating opinions. This is pure scaremongering propaganda which has lost connection to reality. (MM)
  • the risks... about the evolution's mechanisms is not understood - The biology's variation mechanisms is understood equally good by both believers in creation and believers in evolution (creation believers however has the advantage of also understanding fundamental design principles typical for creation). The biggest differences lie in that evolution believers does not recognize the difference between variation, degeneration (mutations) and claimed development of new genetic information (which never has been demonstrated in the real world). When this becomes clear for the believer in evolution it remains for the evolutionist only to start believe in creation or to attack the opponent instead of the arguments (real world observations namely indicate creation). (MM)
  • More about "mechanisms are not understood" - Despite that the Council of Europe rejects the intellectual powers of others, it is the Council of Europe which fail to grasp that there does not exist any specified working evolutionary principle demonstrating capability to create new genetic information. But the Council of Europe admits that at present a "significant reduction of the biological diversity" is taking place (thus it does not increase) But also down at the genetic level we only observe reduction and decline and degeneration of the genetic material, meaning that no large scale development (evolution) occur in real biology. Therefore creation believers refer only to observations of reality which permanently contradicts evolution beliefs. This resolution clearly shows that not all biology's "mechanisms are well understood" among the European parliamentarians. (RIL)
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