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10. Creationism claims to be based on scientific rigour. In reality the methods employed by creationists are of three types: purely dogmatic assertions; distorted use of scientific quotations, sometimes illustrated with magnificent photographs; and backing from more or less well-known scientists, most of whom are not specialists in these matters. By these means creationists seek to appeal to non-specialists and spread doubt and confusion in their minds.


  • In reality... creationists... dogmatic... distorted -- This passage only brings discredit on those who don't share the belief of evolutionists. Now again sweeping claims pops up which demonstrates how the Council of Europe lacks of arguments; among other things it is that "sometimes illustrated with magnificent photographs". In Sweden believers in creation has been accused for winning their debates/discussions, partly through distortions (which is claimed in the text) and also for 1) being too beautiful*(!), 2) having too good arguments* or 3) having done their homework incredibly well! And now we are not even allowed to display magnificent photographs in our argumentation! (MM)

* Beautiful & good arguments: See at the bottom of the page (In Swedish only).

  • most... are not specialists -- There are of course many creationists which are specialists in their respective fields of knowledge. This is also very well documented and open for all to see (for example on this page). This claim by the Council of Europe thusly is an outright lie or blatant ignorance. (MM)
Lists of scientists believing in creation
  • spread doubt... -- If a Christian doesn't seem to be afflicted by doubts he's at risk of being regarded as a fanatic. But when the Council of Europe wants to hamper creationists from presenting their strong arguments, which, yes we admit that, infallibly spreads doubts about the trustworthiness of the theory of evolution, does that then mean that the Council of Europe prefers seeing a growth of uncritical and fanatic belief in evolution? (RIL)
  • ...and confusion in their minds -- It is exactly the opposite. Under paragraph 9 (and other paragraphs) we have shown how the Council of Europe itself is the one who is creating confusion in the debate, even muddying the water with its big and remarkably clumsy feet! Instead we would like to give all the people the opportunity to see all the scientific facts (also those facts which the Council of Europe now are trying to hide or talk away) so that all can have a chance to draw their own conclusions. What is it that the Council wants to try to hide away with its impudent slander?! (RIL)