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  • The aim of this resolution is not - Why is it pointed out so circumstantially, and so many times, what the resolution is not about? It is "not to question or to fight", "not a matter of antagonism"(!), "not a matter of opposing" etc. But the impression produced by the resolution is easily understood in just that way; that the Council of Europe questions, fights, opposes, makes antagonistic attacks and expressly wants to prevent an open dialogue with an outlook which has for a very long time been the basis for the worldview of the Western countries (a view that the world has not come into existence by itself, but rather through conscious and foreseeing planning (i.e. creation)).
  • the freedom of belief does not permit that -- Is this the only reason why the Council of Europe refrain from doing the very nasty things they mention above? But in the rest of the resolution the Council of Europe actually does exactly that which they here so thoroughly assert that they are not going to do!
  • The aim is - This may sound like nice words, but already here the foundational attitude of the Council of Europe becomes clear; Science is described as a truth in comparison to belief. No distinction between different kinds of beliefs is made, but still belief (which?) is described as if it's belongs to another area than reality/science. But then the Council of Europe proceeds to demanding that belief must not conflict with science - which gives the first self-contradiction in this resolution. It goes without saying that a correct and sound belief has to build upon something which is real and true, but many times people build their lives upon an erroneous belief. And in this resolution that which is actually belief is again and again called a science. It is the latter which is the greatest danger.
  • necessary'... prevent belief from opposing science' - Prevention implies compulsion, but the Council of Europe is not explaining why this compulsion is "necessary". Instead it is naive of the Council of Europe to assume that belief doesn't exist also within that which is called science, and that all other belief (outside science) by some necessity must be erroneous. Regarding the theory of evolution it is special in that it is a flurry of a multiple of improvable beliefs mixed with many simple facts. And since also this resolution mixes up facts and belief, confusion is increased instead of decreased.